Corporate Social Responsibility

At ARCADIS we are committed to operating our business in a socially responsible and sustainable way. To underline this commitment we have established a global policy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This policy is anchored in ARCADIS’ General Business Principles, which describe our responsibilities and commitments towards society, clients, employees and shareholders. Our employees are encouraged to share these commitments and to sign our integrity code. Equally important is the attitude of our people as reflected in our mission: passionately contributing to a balanced and sustainable development of the human habitat, in open dialogue with all stakeholders.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy aims to give our stakeholders a clear understanding of our standards for business conduct. The policy applies to all ARCADIS employees, governs our approach to all our activities, and includes:

ARCADIS has taken notice of the G3 sustainability reporting guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative for the reporting of its sustainability information in the 2009 Annual Report. Levels of materiality have been considered in choosing the indicators relevant for ARCADIS.  After a self-assessment we declare an application of the GRI principles on a C level.  For more information click here: GRI and Global Compact status (pdf)

ARCADIS has signed the U.N. Global Compact in September 2009 and vows to abide by its objectives and principles regarding human rights, labor standards, environmental stewardship and anti-corruption. We have submitted our Communication on Progress in September 2010. 
For more information: Communication on Progress ARCADIS NV for the UN Global Compact (pdf)
More information on the U.N. Global Compact can be found at: