Lives depend on reliable access to energy, water, communication and transportation. Public and private clients around the world trust ARCADIS to create and sustain this vital infrastructure.

Infrastructure provides the foundation for communities and commerce and creates healthy places to live and work. By delivering high-quality railways, road networks and waterways and maintaining the flow of energy, water and communication, the ARCADIS infrastructure group brings communities stability, mobility, and better quality of life.

ARCADIS also understands that infrastructure can be a strategic asset for future growth and economic development. ARCADIS consulting teams work closely with local governments and private organizations to define policy and assess the economic viability and sustainability of all types of infrastructure projects.

Our infrastructure specialty services include:

  • Master planning, program management and contract management
  • Mass transit, road network and rail network design
  • Bridge, tunnel and station design
  • Resource, land and site development services
  • Nautical studies, ports and coastal engineering
  • IT, communication and power system design
  • GIS mapping, modeling and data services
Trustworthy multidisciplinary expertise
Thriving urban and rural areas around the globe are benefitting from successful ARCADIS infrastructure projects. As society evolves and populations shift, ARCADIS is positioned to meet virtually any public or private infrastructure need, from the smallest technical consulting engagements and feasibility studies to the largest and most complex design and implementation programs.