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Port of Long Beach, Pier C Cold Ironing
Long Beach, CA

The Pier C Cold Ironing (Shore to Ship power) project was the third wharf at the Port of Long Beach to utilize this new, innovative technology that provides electricity to power a container ship's electrical systems while docked.

The Port of Long Beach is committed to environmental sustainability and promoting renewable, clean-energy technologies. Under the California Air Resources Board regulations, the Port is required to phase-in shore power by Jan. 1, 2014. To meet this initiative, the Port selected ARCADIS to manage the Pier C cold ironing project. The biggest challenge was to manage the construction process while the terminal was still active. To do this, the project team had to develop work schedules around the terminal's shipping schedules.

ARCADIS, as construction manager, worked with the Port and project team to ensure that all of the means and methods were in place to meet the various needs of the project. Construction oversight included the following elements:

  • Installation of three outdoor 12kV electrical substations; two 5MVA, 20-ton cast coil transformers; eight load-interrupting switches; eight grounding switches; and two neutral grounding resistors
  • Backland duct bank work and power/control cable installation
  • Demolition, utility relocation and vault retrofit construction for the placement of eight Shore to Ship power outlet boxes
  • Positioning of waterline, chain-link fencing, protection bollards, paving and other general site elements
On average, container ships dock for two to three days at a time, burning 10 tons of fuel per day. The completion of the Pier C project will enable these ships to plug into landside electricity to power necessary systems instead of running on fuel. This will help reduce stack emissions by 90 percent. It has been determined that shutting down a container ship's diesel engines at berth for one day achieves the same air quality improvements as taking 33,000 cars off the region's roads.

The Port of Long Beach must phase-in shore power by 2014, and to meet this initiative, the Port selected ARCADIS to manage the Pier C cold ironing project.